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Palisades Series Three Concepts Part 1: Dave Waugh

Part Two is here.
Part Three is here.

Part Four is here.
Part Five is here.
Part Six is here.

Way back in 2002, we had assembled a consultant group for Palisades as a "think tank" to come up with new ideas and concepts to give a multifaceted source of inspiration and sense of direction for where to take a new original line of Micronauts toys.   After it was over and the plug had been pulled on the Micronauts,  Dave Waugh of Innerspace Online and myself both got permission from Palisades and all the participants to host their images in a gallery.  Dave got his version together first, and it was so well done, I put mine on hold.   Unfortunately, Dave took down this valuable part of his site a few years back and hasn't had a chance to restore it.   And with more and more curious inquiries about the designs coming both on the Micropolis Embassy and directly to myself and others on the project, I thought it high time to share these images again, albeit in not as fancy a format as what Dave had presented before.  

So, here goes.  Please note that all images are copyright their original creators and are hosted with their prior consent obtained at the end of the project.  I do not own these images (except any I have indicated were created by myself), and they may not be reproduced without their creator's permission.   I will be doing a seperate blog post for each creator, and then link all the posts together into a single index post at the end which will be added to the sidebar.  

First up is the work of Dave Waugh himself!

Tags: concept art, dave waugh, micronauts, palisades, series 3

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