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Palisades Series Three Concepts Part 3: Mike Bazzell

Part One is here.
Part Two is here.
Part Four is here.
Part Five is here.
Part Six is here.

Mike Bazzell is a talented computer game artist whose work you may have seen in the likes of Alpha Centauri and more recent Civilization games.   He also owns the website Mikerotron's Peculiar Drill Attachment, an old favorite of mine that I thought was long gone but appear to still be up out there on the web after all, at least in part.  Mike was one of the first to contribute to the Series 3 think tank and had some of the most "toyetic" designs of all!  

As with all these posts for the Series 3 gallery, please note that all images are copyright their original creators and are hosted with their prior consent obtained at the end of the project.  I do not own these images (except any I have indicated were created by myself), and they may not be reproduced without their creator's permission.   I will be doing a seperate blog post for each creator, and then link all the posts together into a single index post at the end which will be added to the sidebar.

Mike Bazzell's visions for Series 3

Tags: concept art, micronauts, mike bazzell, palisades, series 3
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