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The first RocketTubes.Net "New Micro-toys for a New Year" Contest!

UPDATE: Contest is now officially over.  Stay tuned for an update with the entries, the Judge's pick, and info on participating in the Fan's pick, coming in the next few days!

The first RocketTubes.Net "New Micro-toys for a New Year" Contest!

The basic rules:
1. Submit a new original Micronaut* design which is not a figure but can be used by them--a vehicle, robot, or base.
*This includes Microman, but preferably something that still looks like a Micronaut too.

2. The design can be any medium (drawing, cg, blueprints, clay, wood, etc), but preferably an actual physical toy. But no reason to limit imagination if you have a great idea that you can't build yourself.

3. Use of existing toys/toy parts for kitbashing is okay (and even encouraged) as long as they are not mostly using a preexisting Micronaut toy (see rule 4) and are significantly modified so that they look more like a real Micronaut.

4. Existing Micronaut parts are allowed for use in the design, but should not make up more than one third of the full design, roughly. A lot of flexibility is allowed here, but the idea is to make a "new" Micronaut toy, not simply another Biotron/Phobos or Baron Karza/Force Commander head-swap sort of design.  For example the core of the toy is non-micronaut, but can have regular Micronaut/man parts (missile launchers, wings, etc.) attached.

5. No limit on the number of submissions or even submitting pre-existing customs if they fit these criteria.

Judging and prizes:

The RocketTubes.Net prize offered will be a mint in box (opened to check contents, box has some shelf wear and has been flattened a bit), unassembled Romando Microman Bio-Suit (BS-2 Dustproof Filter Reinforced Type -- tan and brown).

I may yet offer other prizes if I have something appropriate handy, depending on circumstances.

Pieces judged by me for the RocketTubes.Net prize will be based on originality, authenticity, and other purely subjective standards.

More judges are welcome, as long as they can offer an appropriate prize. Judges will select their favorite design after the deadline, and send their prize to the selected winner.  Prize donations for Fans' Choice and other categories are also welcome!  Please contact me if you are interested in contributing!

We will also have a "Fans' Choice" winner.  Aftert the submissions are shown a poll will be set up determine the fans' favorites.  The judge's choice winner/s and fans' choice winner/s will only be eligible for one prize per entrant).  So far we have one prize for Fans' Choice, 3 Microman 1999 U-Borg weapon sets donated to the contest by Fred Yee (thanks, Fred!).

We will probably have a separate category and prize for conceptual designs (art, CG, blueprints, etc.), but this is still to be determined.  This post will be updated as time passes.

Deadline: Groundhog Day (February 2nd), 2012.

Submissions: send images of your creation to  
You can share them publicly in the meantime at your own discretion--it might help encourage other entrants, but you can also keep it secret if you want to surprise people, that's up to the individual entrant to decide. This contest will be open to all fans, not just limited to the Facebook Micronauts/Microman fans page (where this was first proposed) or the Micropolis Embassy Yahoo Group, RocketTubes.Net LJ readers, etc.  Please feel free to spread word of this contest elsewhere.

Contest Start: The contest has now begun. I also of course reserve the right to cancel the contest for any reason at any time, though hopefully that won't be an issue. If any prizes are donated and the contest is canceled, the prizes will be returned appropriately.

Please note, at the time of this contest start, Rockettubes.Net itself is under maintanence, and the main site content is temporarily hosted at RocketTubes Livejournal  With luck, the original site will be properly updated before the contest is over.  

Update: Exhibition category: If anyone wants to submit items which do not fit the rules, they are welcome to do so.  These items will be categorized as Exhibition entries and may get honorable mentions in this category, but no prizes are currently planned for this category.


Some links featuring customs, toyjacks, and scratchbuilds...not all these fully fit the rules (many of these feature completely or largely unaltered toys), mind you, but should still hopefully show how one can incorporate outside ideas into making "new" Micronauts! (bottom of page--repaint of Destro's Dominator by W-G) (Playmobil papercraft Macross fighter--but the same technique can be used to make Micro-vehicles!) Kanetaka's incredible Starscream/Robotman custom! (more of Kanetaka's work!)

One more update on the contest. The entries will be cross-posted on Facebook (if not already uploaded by the entrant) and to a Flickr set with appropriate attribution given to the creator for each image (or possibly hosted on instead if I get it in order). The fans' choice will be held on either or here on the Livejournal page, most likely.
Tags: contest, custom, customs, kitbash, microman, micronauts, toyjack, toyjacking

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