March 17th, 2009

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Sonic Diver Raijin (updated with full review)

Sonic Diver Raijin, originally uploaded by MicroBry.

Sky Girls was a fairly iffy series.

I enjoyed the original OVA as a fluff piece and watched some of the TV series but got kind of bored with it so I haven't watched more than the first few just yet. But I love the Sonic Diver suits themselves and knew I had to get one if they made toys of them. I had hoped they would do them as Busou Shinki toys, which are fairly direct cousins, but they only did figures of the girls, not the suits. 

The plus side is that Freeing designed the suits in a non-scale size that is probably somewhere around 1/15 to 1/12 scale (the girls themselves are quite small in the series...more so than they ought to be for their purported age), and it can easily fit the 2003+ MIcroman figures, recent long-legged Gi Joes figures,  as well as some Figma figures, so as far as I'm concerned it's 1/18th...ish. Will have to post more pics later of that... Because of its ambiguous scale, it looks nice next to the 1/15 Yamato Garland toy as well as next to the 1/18 Takara Dual Model Zwei Votoms ScopeDog and such. The toy is impressively articulated, can transform to an autonomous robot mode and a flight mode, and has opening micro-missile pods on the shoulders. Great stuff!

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raijin motoslave1
Time Medic

Buildman Ranic--infinite custom figure potential! (Updated with Review)

buildman ranic set1, originally uploaded by MicroBry.

Onell Design's Glyos System now has a modular interchangeable figure called "Buildman".. Made up mostly of multiple connector pieces, the Buildman's design allow for building up all sorts of original figures, vehicles, and robots. Here's just a couple of starter combos I came up with (not even using all the figures I received in the "Buildman Phalanx" construction set). The possibilities are endless!

buildman centauroid

A Buildman centauroid.

buildman acrosoldier

My idea of a Buildman AcroSoldier...note that it stands at the same height as a 3 3/4" figure!  Also Buildman foot sockets fit GI Joe pegs fairly well.

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What do you think of Buildman Ranic?  Do you own any Glyos System toys?