rockettubes (rockettubes) wrote,

Nine Restored Original Micronaut Commercials!

Courtesy of the film archive of Ray "AcroRay" Miller and digital cleanup and QuickTime encoding by Nice Shoes. Files hosted and indexed by yours truly at Rockettubes.Net!

Welcome to the world of the MICRONAUTS!

(Notice that Acroyear has his head on backwards in this commercial!)

Battle Cruiser Commercial 1

Battle Cruiser Commercial 2 Notice the control wire in both commercials is not white.

Biotron and Hydrocopter (Created by Takara, may be the first Micronauts commercial)
Notice that the music and stop-motion animation are both in the style of the original Japanese commercials on this one.

Biotron and Hydrocopter 2

Giant Acroyear

This time Acroyear II gets the backwards treatment, with his torso and wingpack turned around!

Micropolis Notice the Microman figure riding the Ultronic Scooter, and that the set shown is a prototype, with the beams connecting to the panels entirely differently than the final product and their unique yellow color seen in some of the catalogs.

Toys that stimulate young minds.

Rocket Tubes
Legend has it that the Rocket Tubes set in this commercial was rigged with a more powerful leaf blower or vacuum cleaner engine in order to get it to perform correctly...

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